How to Clean a Pool

How to Clean a Pool

Suction-Side Pool Cleaners Include The Pentair Kreepy

Kreepy Krauly Marathon: The mechanism of this model effectively sieves out dirt and algae. It makes the water hygienic. This model has a unique four-way mechanism that filters by concentrating the flow of water in a single stream to ensure maximum cleanliness. ‘Ultra Marathon’ is an upgraded version of this filter that has been recently launched in the market.

Last but, not the least, the mechanism should be checked for providing the exact functionality that you intend to install. You can also make a choice between the automatic Kreepy Krauly machines and hand-held or manual devices of the same brand.

Swimming pool vacuum cleaners were invented in South Africa by Ferdinand Chauvier. In 1974, Chauvier designed and built the Kreepy Krauly, the first ever automated pool cleaner. Now in ground pool cleaners are made by many different manufacturers and are used all around the world for swimming pool maintenance. In fact, since these automated cleaners make pool maintenance so much faster, easier and more convenient, their popularity is continuously on the rise.

The size of your pool and its surface area. There are different types of Kreepy Krauly pool cleaners available in the market. You should be able to choose a type that would be well compatible with the size and volume of your swimming area.

Kreepy Kraulys are the original pool cleaners and were invented by a South African engineer Ferdinand Chauvier. The first prototype of the Kreepy Krauly was devised in 1951 but it wasnt until 1974 that the Kreepy Krauly we know today was first born. Chauviers Kreepy …

Pools are really great to have as plenty enjoy swimming and cooling off in it during those summer days and it also increases the value of your property. If you wish to sell your home someday, having a pool will also increase your chances of selling it right away with a satisfying price. So, by having an automatic pool cleaner, like the Kreepy Krauly, you will be protecting your investment from possible deterioration.

This brand has gained popularity because of the effectiveness and quality of the mechanism. You can install such filters in both inground and above ground swimming pools. Kreepy Krauly pool cleaners are effective as regular filtration mechanism and therefore ensure clean and healthy water condition to swim in. However there are certain factors that you need to consider before installing Kreepy Krauly pool cleaners –

Owning a pool before was a luxury since it’s construction and maintenance costs were higher than the average person could afford, but that is no longer the case. Technology has greatly helped a lot of people afford a more comfortable life. Automatic and intelligent gadgets are being created and developed as we speak, and are sold at prices to reach the masses. Automatic pool cleaners are one of many inventions that greatly helped pool owners all over the world, and the Kreepy Krauly has become one of America’s popular automatic pool cleaners because of it’s catchy name, but primarily because of it’s effectiveness and quality. It works in all types of pools whether it be an above ground or in ground type of pool.

Kreepy Krauly Pool Pirana: It has mechanisms that can such in the dirt and debris from the swimming pool. It automatically starts functioning when the water turns murky. By installing a Pirana, you can cut down on the requirement of chemicals for cleaning the pool.

Kreepy Krauly cleaners are probably the first swimming pool cleaning devices that were designed functioned automatically without any manual help. The devices are still popular today and only have become more advanced with the introduction of newer technologies into the devices. With devices as Kreepy Krauly pool cleaners, swimming pools are not just costly luxury but are great retreats to swim out the fatigue and to rejuvenate with your family on weekends.

Since 1978, Daniel Chauvier, is providing adequate and efficient pool cleaners. The brand Kreepy Krauly is a well recognized name in South Africa. It has helped in swimming, aided paraplegic athletes, yachting, motorbike racing and motorcar racing over the 29 years successfully. The owners have expanded the range of leaners like filters, pumps, tools and lights.

Kreepy Krauly Marathon automatically keeps the entire region sparkling, clean and ready to use. Marathon vacuums the dirt and algae; it cleans with the existing filter of for proper hygiene. It has a unique four-way function that cleans by scooping and concentrating the flow of water in a single stream to ensure maximum vacuuming power. Ultra Marathon is an upgraded version of the established ‘Marathon’ cleaner made in Australia. Kreepy Krauly Conquest is accepted to be the best for different areas. Conquest works under random pattern and misses no spot to clean. The main body consists of wings on each side that directs the dirt, debris and leaves to the skimmer. Conquest is available at a low cost but its work is compared with Marathon. Klever Kleena is a compact cleaner that can be automatically programmed by the user. It works quickly and can easily move from nooks and crannies. Kreepy Krauly Pool Pirana can suck the debris and dirt. It functions when the machine strains the water. Pool Pirana reduces the requirement of chemicals and makes the water safe to swim. The brand is recognized, appreciated and is easily available in the market.

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Help on Winterizing Your Pool to Get Ready for the Winter Months

In certain parts of the country winterizing your pool is a necessity as it is far to cold to swim during the end of fall through winter months. For a new pool owner, this can seem like a large task and also be somewhat complicated, which may force you to seek out the help of a professional pool service. Rest assured that you can accomplish this yourself by using this helpful guide on Pool Winterization.

Tips to Winterize Your Pool and Keep it Clean – BonaVista Pools Fri, 25 Oct 2013 11:30:53 GMT

Make sure that your pool is clean and properly maintained throughout the year. Here are some tips to help you do so.

Avoid chances of pool walls cracking or pipes breaking

If you have a pools made of fiberglass or vinyl, make sure that you are prepared for the cold climate by first draining all the water inlets and outlets to your pool. If the water inside these pipes freezes, it is quite likely that they will crack or break. Make sure that your pool cover has rubber plugs so that air cannot get under the surface of the cover. A fully automated cover generally works better in such cases.

You may consider purchasing a thermal bubble cover for your pool so that water loss is at a minimum and the warmth of the water is retained. Perhaps you could invest in a pool pump and completely drain the water if you are sure you are not going to be using your pool during the winters. If you prefer to keep the pool full, then you may place some floating objects under the pool cover so that the freezing process is slowed down or even stopped. Even small common objects like footballs work fine.

File:Madeira-Lido swimming pool at Winter.jpg

Description | Source originally posted to Flickr as http://flickr. com/photos/95443147@N00/4375975619 Madeira-4414 | Date 2010-02-16 11 …

Automate your maintenance and pool cleaning

Many-a-time, pools become dirty because of the number of people who use it. Chalk out rules of using the pool before you allow people to use it. You may even have a board which mentions that your pool has urine indicator dye in it. However, such a substance does not actually exist.

In fact, people have been convincing others that it does since as early as the sixties, just to prevent people from dirtying the pool. Consider buying an automated pool cleaner to get rid of debris and other unwanted material from your pool easily. Using such a product will make it easier for you to clean your pool. It will also reduce the number of times you have to change the water.

Products to Help With Pool Winterizing

Swimming Pool Winterizing Chemical Kit – Up to 15,000 Gal.

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WILL NOT STAIN OR BLEACH POOL WALLS!Unlike chlorine-based winterizing pool chemical kits that reduce the effectiveness of algaecide and other winterizing chemicals and can stain and bleach pool walls or damage pool liners, these kits use non-chlorine …

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